Friday, September 3, 2010

Free federal Financial student aid is the biggest source for free information from the US department of education on preparing for and funding education beyond high-school.

How to use StudentAid?
First, you can get help selecting the school that's best for you, after that use the student planner to help you prepare for college, trade or technical school, and last, navigate your through the school application process.

Funding Your Education - Great valuable information on how to apply to all the U.S. Department of Education's student aid programs (grants, work-study and loans).

Fafsa - Search for scholarships for your field of interests, including deadlines for filing financial aid applications for selected colleges and estimated cost of attendance.

Other great tools - The College Savings Calculator function and the expected Family Contribution (EFC) estimator.

Start your financial aid process using FAFSA4casterSM:

Early estimate of your eligibility for free student aid.
Similar experience to FAFSA.
Easily transfer all of your FAFSA4caster data to FAFSA.
Apply for your Federal Student Aid PIN.
Increase your knowledge of the financial aid process.

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